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You know when you meet people how you never fully know what they've been through in the story of their lives? We all walk around with the weight of what we have experienced in the journey of our own lives, sometimes it's important to look outside of ourselves to remember others have stories too. Heidi's story is one of those, you would never know what she's been through just by looking at her. This documentary is Heidi's life journey, in her own words, told in a real, raw and authentic way. Heidi went from someone who was deeply wounded by many different attacks, even by the people closest to her, to a strong, fierce warrior of a woman who will keep fighting every day to help other women who have been wounded as well. This is a beautiful story of redemption, revival and rebirth into a new and glorious purpose. No one can deny, refute or question Heidi's story as this is her own personal testimony of her life's events. Watch all the way until the end because the beautiful ending to the story is worth it!!
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