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We are back for Part 2 of this powerful KINGDOM REEL Podcast Episode. Last week, Heidi shared the first part of her story of abuse, betrayal, excommunication and heartbreak. She is so determined to take a stand and help others who might be in these types of situations, she desperately wants to bring a voice to the muzzled in our world. Heidi shares the rest of her story in this second episode, which is just as heart-wrenching as the first, so make sure to grab the tissues. We end this beautiful story with a message of hope to anyone who might find themselves in any of these situations. God can use the broken hearted, the lost, the weary, the people who have been cast out and cast aside...He sees you even when it feels like no one else does! We are so thankful to Heidi for her amazing example she is setting for the whole world to see! Her strength is not found in herself, but in God and it shows! www.kingdomreel.com