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What is it like to be in a world where you have no voice? You have no say in the choices you make or they are very limited? What if all you've ever known since childhood gets taken away in one moment and you're left having to completely learn life all over again? Who do you turn to when you need help but the people you ask won't listen? Join us for this emotional, heart wrenching story told by Heidi of her life's journey through some incredibly hard moments. This is part 1 of a two part episode of KINGDOM REEL Podcasts. Heidi is so brave and bold in telling her story through raw, unfiltered emotion, letting God lead her words as she shared. Part 2 will be released next week, July 14, please return to hear the rest of her story and a beautiful message of hope as she brings a voice to the muzzled. www.kingdomreel.com