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July 28, 2022


A mother's heart is one of the most amazing and precious things in our world.  The bond between a mother and her child is strong and unbreakable. So how does a mother recover from a broken heart? How do you find a place of light in a time of total darkness? Join us for this episode of KINGDOM REEL podcasts with guest Jolynn Van Wienen. Listen along as she recalls one of the darkest moments of her personal journey and how she was able to heal and find light in unexpected places. This is a very heart wrenching and powerful episode, we hope it will bring comfort to anyone who has experienced similar situations.  Hosted by Pastor John Smith.  Please share this story with anyone in your life who needs to hear it. For more KINGDOM REEL podcast episodes visit our website www.kindgomreel.com/episodes/

Jolynn Van WienenProfile Photo

Jolynn Van Wienen

Executive Director, Starlight Ministries

Jolynn is a daughter of the King, wife, mom to 8 (3 bio, 5 adopted), and passionate for bringing God’s Hope to the bereaved in her communities.